Bulk Trash Removal

Bulk trash removal can truly be a variety of all kinds of junk and trash that need to be removed from a property. It can be a combination of waste items that are too large to be disposed of in your regular garbage pickup service, items that the city bulk pick up will not take, or even your “not so awesome” treasures that were found in your Spring Cleaning session.

Whatever your bulk trash removal needs are, Junk-Rite is here to help! We have an incredible team that always leaves your junk space better than we found it. Just like we were cleaning it out of our garage or home. We take great pride in delivering the best junk removal service in the East Valley and we look forward to serving you well.

Great examples of Bulk Trash Removal:

  • Construction debris from a renovation or weekend project
  • Large amounts of trash from a weekend party or event
  • Clean up from a hoarding situation
  • Storage unit cleanout
  • Furniture removal
  • Bulky yard waste
  • So much more!

Great examples of Bulk Trash Removal for commercial purposes:

    • Office furniture removal
    • Packaging/Boxes removal from freight
    • Grounds clean up from homeless/squatters
    • Misuse of garbage bins at retail and apartment complexes
    • Whole property cleanout for quick property liquidation

    We try our very best in every situation to keep as much trash and junk out of our landfills and repurpose it for another or higher use. When possible, we will recycle and donate items that still have life in them.

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