Common Misconceptions About Junk Removal

Yay, you came back to read more! It’s time to talk some trash. When it comes to junk removal, there’s a lot of misconceptions about what we really do and how we price and my hope in putting this out there is for people to learn more about our line of work.

If you haven’t checked out our reviews yet, you really should! We pride ourselves on having only five star reviews and take pride in our work. I know personally I have a very high work ethic and grew up and still am working hard for what I have. So saying all this, hard workers are hard to find and as a woman, I wouldn’t hire anyone I wouldn’t feel comfortable having in my home. We want our customers to not only receive great service, but have an outstanding experience with our crew.

Junk hauling is a physically demanding job. When you are paying someone to come to your home or business to haul junk, it’s not just about the amount of items you have. It’s almost like a luxury service so to speak, you can do it yourself but do you have the time, equipment or do you even want to? Sometimes you end up spending more renting the equipment, maybe getting the help and the disposal fees. This is where we come in! Junk hauling is our job and we are really fricken good at it!

We have to factor in where the location of the job is to our home base. As we know, gas prices are insane and unfortunately we have to raise prices slightly to be able to continue in our line of work. You also have your employees you have to pay as well as insurance on them and the equipment. Sure, you can hire Joe Schmo off the street who slaps a magnet or duct tapes a sign on his truck. But is he licensed and insured? What happens if he causes damage to your home? So many what if possibilities.

Sometimes we provide services like full house clean outs where appliances, carpet and padding all get torn up. This now turns into the cost of labor as well. Cleanouts and hoarder situations take time. Our crew has to have the proper equipment and we always leave the place better than we found it. Lots of cleanouts have chemicals like cleaners and paint. All of which needs to be disposed of properly. When we have cleanouts that have food, some places don’t allow that to be thrown at their facilities or in their dumpsters. So as you can see it does take time and planning.

Another great thing we have been able to do is donate items. The biggest misconception is people thinking we pick up for free which is not the case. We still have to make money to stay in business as well as pay for all the costs we mentioned above. We love to be involved in the community and help out local charities. This also keeps items out of the landfill, less waste is better! So it’s a win win. But in order to stay in business and keep our costs as reasonable as possible we still have to charge!

Occasionally, we find some great items we are able to use at home. I found an awesome old dresser I am working on refinishing! Stay tuned for some history on this cool piece as well as some tips and tricks I’ve discovered on refinishing furniture. I’ll be sure to post photos and let ya’ll vote on the color combo for finishing!

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