We Donate

Junk-Rite loves our local community! We try to donate as much as possible when on job. Not only is this keeping reusable items out of the landfill, but it gives back to our local communities and those less fortunate or experiencing hardships. We donate to charities like House of Refuge, Sunshine Acres, Deseret Industries, and Goodwill.

Items can be anything from clothing to small furniture items like kitchen tables, children’s toys to books. If you have questions if something is able to be donated, all you need to do is text photos directly to us or when we are on the job we will sort these items accordingly.

We do charge for donation pickups as we are a business and have expenses and team members earning a living. Anything that is not able to be reused or donated will be disposed of at the landfill. This is unfortunate but some things just cannot be repurposed or reused.

If you are a local charity that needs a company to do your pickups or are in need of donations, please reach out to us as well!

  • Deseret Industries
  • House of Refuge
  • Sunshine Acres
  • Goodwill
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