Dumpster Leveling

Large projects often require dumpsters or it may be easier for a company to get a dumpster so they can do projects at their own pace. Did you know that if you fill your dumpster rental too full, the dumpster company will not pick it up? It has to be level and not over the fill line so the dumpster/waste company can tarp the load and be on their way. They have no way to offload the excess. If you happen to find yourself in a predicament where you have filled the dumpster too full, that’s where we come in! So instead of facing late fees, fines or paying for extra days, call Junk-Rite.

We can level off that dumpster so you can get it picked up and out of the way in a timely manner. If you need dumpster leveling as a homeowner or business, we can complete the process quickly and efficiently and haul away any excess you may have after we complete the leveling of your dumpster.

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