Eviction Clean Outs

In the unfortunate circumstance, you have to evict a tenant, Junk-Rite is here to help. The longer it takes to clean up a property, the longer you as a landlord or property owner are not making money. We can efficiently clear the place out and haul what is left in the home away.

Eviction properties are often left with the big bulky items that they couldn’t or didn’t want to take. Often we find that the person being evicted is upset and unfortunately destroys the property so we can definitely help with the clean-up.

Junk-Rite will first donate any items that are in good condition to the charities that we work with. Then we will properly dispose of the rest for you. So while you are working on selling or leasing out the property, let us help get the place cleared out for you.

Junk-Rite works with several management companies for cleanouts. We do cleanouts anywhere from just a few items to complete trash outs where the blinds, carpet, and appliances go. We can come out to give free onsite estimates and walk you through our easy process.

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