Phoenix Junk Removal

Phoenix is the capital of our great state of Arizona. Phoenix is located in the Sonoran desert which happens to be one of the greenest and wettest deserts in North America. Did you know Phoenix was originally called Pumpkinville? And yes, it was because a lot of pumpkins grew wild in this area. Its name was changed after Darrell Duppa believed that a new civilization would rise from the old civilization like a Phoenix rising from its own ashes.

Phoenix certainly can offer something for everyone. From elaborate hotels with pools to southwest dining to a wide variety of local breweries. There is year round sun and plentiful job opportunities which have made Phoenix one of the fastest growing cities in the United States.

Doesn’t Phoenix have free bulk trash pickup?

Well yes, they do… four times per year and they are quite specific with what can and cannot be taken.

However, if you do not want to wait for this picky pick-up service and you want your things gone now, consider giving Junk-Rite a call at 480-228-3368

Remember, with bulk pickup you are still responsible for gathering and placing all of your unwanted items at the curbside and they can only sit for a certain period of time without infringing on your HOA rules. If you want that stuff gone out of your life so you can move on with your newly acquired space RIGHT NOW…. let’s do this! Give us a call.

An important thing to remember: ALL bulk trash pickups from the City go directly to the landfill. Junk-Rite does EVERYTHING possible to divert your junk from the landfill by recycling or donating your items.

Junk-Rite is your answer for all of your bulk trash needs in Phoenix. You won’t have to lift a thing! Just send up photos of your unwanted items and we will load it all and take it away for you.

If it is still usable, we will donate it to one of the many charities that we work with in your area.
If it can be recycled, we will sort it to the proper place and recycle it for you.
As a last resort, all other waste that cannot be repurposed will have to go to the landfill. Junk-Rite does every possible thing to keep as much waste as possible out of the landfill. We divert more than 60% of our pickups from the landfill and into the hands of a donation or recycling center.

Looking for a super fast estimate? Upload images of your junk below to speed things up!
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