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Realtors in Arizona highly recommend and use our services. Ask about our program for realtors! A big part of selling a home is making sure it looks appealing to potential buyers. Nobody wants to look at a house with clutter and junk while looking for their dream home.

So whether it’s garbage and furniture that was left behind in a foreclosure or eviction from previous tenants or a garage full of junk from the sellers, we can tackle the job while you can focus on selling the home.

Realtors often refer the sellers to us if they need help clearing the clutter. We will ensure all items are carefully taken away so the home is not damaged in the clearing out process. Gift certificates even make amazing closing gifts to dispose of the trash after your clients move into their dream home!Junk-Rite is a realtor’s dream! Since opening in 2017, Junk-Rite has established long standing relationships with real estate companies and independent realtors. Lots of realtors call or text in when they need help clearing the clutter before a home sale or when items have not been removed and a close cannot happen until the junk is gone! Don’t panic, call or text us and we can help.

Items we often pickup from these types of jobs can range anywhere from an old fridge that doesn’t work to old mattresses that nobody knows what to do with. We can gather all of the items from the home and take it away so you can close on that sale!

We offer exclusive deals and packages for real estate agents and companies. If you are a real estate company and want to work exclusively with us, please reach out to us and we can come by and give marketing materials and teach you how our services can save you time and money.
Junk-Rite gift cards also make great gifts for your clients. Your clients can use them to help clean up before a move or even after a move to clear all the moving boxes and materials.

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