Residential Junk Removal

Are you a homeowner with a bunch of junk?! Maybe you just have a little junk. No matter what kind or amount of junk you have, look no further, Junk-Rite can help homeowners with jobs of any size. It can be inside, outside, in the yard, the garage, or the shed. All you have to do is text photos over to 480-228-3368 for a free quote to haul it away. Our pricing structure and simple booking process make it so easy!

We help homeowners who aren’t sure what to do with items such as those old electronics sitting in the garage to the sun-damaged patio furniture outside all the way up to hoarding cleanups where anything and everything goes! All you have to do is show us what goes and we will dispose of the items properly for you.

We also help homeowners who have donatable items such as furniture in good condition, clothing, books, dishes, small appliances that still work, and toys for kiddos. We still charge a fee for the pick up, but we care about the Earth and want to help the community. We clear the clutter for you, give reusable items to local charities and keep whatever is possible out of the landfill!

We can also come before a move to lighten your load, after the move, to pick up all the boxes and packaging material. Let us help with your cleanup.

If you ever find yourself missing bulk pick up and need items out of your way before the neighbors start complaining.

If you have garage sale leftovers, don’t put them back in your garage. Call us! We want your junk. Remember, we will do all the work for you! We sort through any items that we can donate and distribute to local charities and organizations and properly dispose of the rest.

Junk-Rite also offers services such as hot tub removal, trampoline removal, shed, and small structure removal as well as playset and playhouse removal. Just text photos of the items you need removed, and we give you one simple quote that includes labor and disposal of all items.

We are licensed, insured and all of our staff is highly trained to remove items safely while providing respect to your home. Our team is individually background checked and like a member of our family.

Our goal is to provide you with the most enjoyable service experience, EVER!

Looking for a super fast estimate? Upload images of your junk below to speed things up!
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