Transitional Living

Let’s face it, transitioning a loved one to assisted living or nursing homes is not easy. You already have a ton on your plate so this is where Junk-Rite comes in. Most times you are left with years or even decades worth of items you have no idea what to do with or where to even start. Don’t panic, we got you!

Give our team a text or a call. We will walk you through our process and request photos of the space and items as well as the larger items. This will help us identify the size of the team needed to complete the job as well as the tools and equipment that may be needed. If it is a whole house, we can even come out and give an on-site free estimate. Seeing the items and knowing the size of the cleanout also gives us an idea of the time to complete and the cost associated with the job.

Letting go of items or knowing what to do with them is certainly not easy. We are experts when it comes to transitional living situations. Junk-Rite’s team is extremely respectful of you, the situation at hand, and the property and items we are working with. We are able to sort through items and donate what we can to local charities that we work with based on items they need. We like to think this makes letting go a little easier knowing that these items are given to those in need and they are given a second life so to speak.

From there, whatever items are not able to be donated are disposed of accordingly. If there are any items we are unable to take like chemicals, we will let you know upon the initial walkthrough or conversation and guide you through how to get rid of these items. Junk-Rite has lots of experience working with these situations so we will make it as smooth as possible.

The best part…Peace of Mind….any items that we find that we think may be of significance and photos are always set off to the side. We will give them to you to go through or if you are not able to be at the property, we will send photos and come up with a game plan on how to get those items to you or safely leave with another family member. If it ends up not being of importance based on what you tell us, we will dispose of them.

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