Who are the ladies talkin’ Trash?

vI hope you didn’t click to read this because you think this blog will be full of gossip, drama and bringing others down! You are right though, we will be talkin’ trash…but LITERAL trash! We are the ladies of Junk-Rite based out of Gilbert, AZ. We are a full service junk removal and hauling company. And we are the faces behind the Ladies Talkin’ Trash blog.

We are here to give you the juicy details of what it is like being a woman in a male dominated industry. Sometimes we might be blogging about that nasty hoarding cleanup we just had and other times we might be talkin’ about an amazing experience we just had or post a helpful checklist or tips.

Our goal here is to be a breath of fresh air. A place you come to read and just escape to for a tiny bit. Let’s be real, there is enough $hit going on in the world that we have to worry about.

Junk-Rite has been in business since 2017, some changes have happened which we can maybe discuss when I interview our amazing owner Tanya for a blog feature. I think ya’ll can relate when I say I used to be quiet and a little unsure of my purpose and where I fit in. I am a five foot, tatted up girl from the Midwest who has had about every hair color imaginable. Where is my place? Right here in Arizona working for Junk-Rite in the service industry. This place has been nothing but amazing to me and welcomed me since day one with open arms. It’s time I get loud and we disrupt the “social norms” and rock the shit out of exceptional junk removal service!

Stick along for the ride, this should be a fun journey!

We are strong. Fearless. Real.

P.S. If swearing offends you this might not be the right blog for you because sometimes the jobs we do are downright f’ing nasty and that is the only word you can really use to paint the picture!


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