Woman Owned Business

<h4>Tanya Wilson - Owner and CEO of Junk-Rite</h4> Being a woman-owned business in this industry is our superpower and Tanya Wilson is that woman in charge! Tanya has been the owner of Junk-Rite since 2017 and she is passionate about separating Junk-Rite from the other junk removal businesses in town. Why? Because the service that her team at Junk-RIte provides is levels above other junk removal companies. She is passionate about leading her team to cultivate the most amazing customer service skills to provide the most incredible service you could imagine from a junk removal company. To learn even more about Tanya, check out our Woman-Owned Business (owners)

Woman-Owned Business

Junk-Rite is a woman-owned business and we believe that is our superpower. One, we instantly stand out with genuine team members and a desire to provide the most amazing customer experience possible.

Our team is led by a woman who takes business personally. Because of that, Tanya’s leadership style is to treat others the way you would want to be treated. This begins with the relationships that she builds with her team members, which then extends on through her team, building those lasting relationships with our customers.

Tanya believes that authenticity, integrity always, creativity and optimism create an unstoppable team. No matter the circumstance, these values do not change within the Junk-Rite team. When demonstrated together, our customers will receive the best customer service experience possible – as demonstrated by our consistent 5-star accolades throughout all online review platforms.

Outside of the business of junk removal, Tanya is the owner of other successful companies within the service industry. She has enjoyed shaking up the stagnant home service industry and now creates “customer-centered” educational resources and top-notch service experiences for her customers.

For years she watched countless homeowners, many of who were women, be taken advantage of by service providers because they could! These homeowners lacked the education to ask proper questions on what services were needed for their particular situation and the people serving them knew it and charged crazy prices or sold them something that they never needed in the first place. Enough is enough and as a woman who knew the answers in certain industries, she sought to make a difference.

Tanya is the owner and CEO of Priority Pumping, full-service septic, and commercial wastewater pumping company. This company also designs and installs septic and wastewater treatment systems. You can learn more information about this company on their website here: www.prioritypumpingaz.com

Tanya is also the host of the Ladies Kickin Ass podcast – an educational and inspirational resource for women working in the service industry to learn tips and tricks on how to make their businesses better and run more efficiently while juggling all the things in life as a mama working in a very demanding business. This online community is full of resources served through social media channels and podcasts. In October 2022, Tanya will be launching the Ladies Kickin Ass membership forum. To listen to the podcast or learn more about the membership site, you can stay tuned by visiting www.ladieskickinass.com

Tanya has been featured in several publications and marketing campaigns for entrepreneurs in the local Phoenix market. She has also been named as one of the 2022 Phoenix Titan 100 CEOs – no small feat at all! Check them out further here:

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